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Help belgian medical doctors to take medical mission trip to our partner hospitals in central america

A lot of physicians and surgeons well-established in their daily exercises of medicine are looking for ways to make their specific expertises available for some less fortunate population. We provide logistic support to enable these MD to take one or two-weeks missions in our partners hospitals in Central America. 



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You want to help us ?

You are medical doctor ?

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Our objective is to make our programs known to physicians who might be interested in such missions. We provide all the initial information and try to understand together what can suit each doctor. We aim to acquire a large database of multiple medical specialists to be able to answer our partnering hospital needs in Central America.

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1. Recruit medical doctors and introduce our programs 

2. Plan where and what physicians can do to achieve the most useful job

Meeting physicians from every specialities interested in going to Central America to help is very important to us. We make sure to understand what they are looking for in this program. We don't impose anything but enjoy to make them consider every options available through our great knowledge of the region and their medical care system. 

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3. Coordinate our partner workforce need with our physician capabilities

Sending help to Central America is a great thing but it must be achieved at the right time and for the right needs. Local hospitals are already operating with their own habits and some of them are already receiving help from other organisation. We pay special attention to allocate physicians to hospitals where they can have a real impact though their help and expertise.

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We help travelers get to the right destination and get around when they arrive. We provide accommodation near the medical center in which they will be working in and make sure they don't lack anything on site, so they can work in optimal conditions.

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4. Provide accommodation, transport and logistic on site

5. Shipment via cargo freight

We make sure everything is going well and react to unexpected situations that Belgian physicians may experience. We also take your opinions during and after the mission to improve physicians' future experiences.

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